Good Shabbos!

With the whole of NW London smelling of challah from last night’s Great Challah Make, we’re on the home run  into Shabbat UK.

In the midst of the frantic preparations, let’s take some time to remember what Shabbos is all about: not just a time to switch off your phone or eat challah, but a precious opportunity to connect with God.

This song says it better than I ever could: Kah Echsof, by Rabbi Aharon of Karlin.

Here is JewishMom’s post on it: Shuli Golivinsky z”l, the Father who Loved Kah Echsof

And here are my earlier thoughts about it: TGIF

Have a wonderful Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom!


One thought on “Good Shabbos!

  1. Hanna Yaffe says:

    hello, sounds wonderful. I’m going to write more fully next week b”n have just recovered from appendicitis. Gut Shabbas,

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