Chicken soup, cholent and sashimi

In advance of Shabbat UK, lots of videos have been circulating with people saying what Shabbos means to them.  Not surprisingly, for many people, food plays a significant part in their Shabbos experience.

Chicken soup, chicken, kugel, cholent – these are the traditional evocative, Ashkenazi Shabbos dishes.  So ingrained in the communal psyche are they that people who don’t keep Shabbos rhapsodize about them and some people who do keep Shabbos insist that if you don’t serve these foods, your children will not remain within the fold.

However, whilst I personally shudder at the thought of a milky Shabbos lunch, I see no need to stick to an entirely traditional menu.  We often start our Friday night meal with sashimi rather than gefilte fish (which has a lot of advantages, not least that my husband prepares it) and I’ve found delicious and healthy salads which enhance our Shabbos table on a wide range of cookery blogs.

These websites are  the sources of some of our favourite, not so traditional, Shabbos foods:

Levana Cooks

Oh She Glows

Love and Lemons

101 Cookbooks

and for those looking for gluten free treats:

Gluten-free Goddess

Bon Appetit! Betayavon!


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