Not in my name

I don’t generally write about overtly political issues and in fact I had something else completely that I was going to post this morning. However, I am so shocked and disgusted by the news coming out of Israel this morning that I felt I had to say something.

Whilst the details are still unclear, the possibility that Jews could have behaved in this way and murdered Muhammed Hussein Abu Khdeir as a revenge attack makes me feel sick. It is both wrong and stupid on so many levels that I find it difficult to believe people would actually do this.

One of the reasons why so much sympathy was generated for the plight of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali was the tremendous nobility and plain “goodness” which shone out of their parents as they waited and prayed for their sons to return home. Revenge attacks of any sort don’t enhance the boys’ memories – they tarnish them and diminish their fate as well as lowering the Jewish people in the eyes of the world.

Yishai Frenkel, uncle of Naftali, Hy”d, summed it up this morning (translation courtesy of Jameel@the Muqata):

“We don’t know exactly what transpired tonight in East Jerusalem and the incident is under investigation by the police. Regardless, if in fact the Arab youth was murdered for a nationalistic reason, then that act is shocking and bloodcurdling. There is no difference between blood. Murder is murder regardless of nationality. There is no justification. No forgiveness and no atonement for murder.”


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