Delicious Shabbos

For the first time in ages, I tried out a load of new recipes this Shabbos.  Our oldest daughter was in Poland (more of that in another post), our oldest son was away for a friend’s barmitzvah, so to compensate we hosted a family with a lively pack of sons.  

By late morning on Friday, I had a stack of recipes printed out, most of the ingredients in the house and my cleaner had left, leaving me in a clean kitchen, with a new CD, eager to cook.  This is what we had:

Levana’s Salmon baked with tomatoes and basil

Roasted Garlic



Chicken soup (of course)


Chicken and potatoes with honey and mustard

Leek tart (made with soya milk rather than chicken soup)

Spicy Moroccan lettuce and chickpea salad, Roast squash with techina (No this one’s from Ottolenghi!)

Fiery sweet potatoes


Levana’s chocolate expresso mousse and strawberries


Are you starting to see a theme emerge?


For lunch we had egg and liver and cholent and sliced meat, enhanced by a delicious pasta salad, from… Levana and some vegetable patties from Cafe Liz, followed by watermelon, icecream and peanut chews donated by our guest.


For seudah shelishis, we ate all the parev items and some pinwheels I made with puff pastry and sundried tomato paste. 


Thanks to Levana and other recipe providers!


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