Erev Shabbos fun

It seems I spoke to soon about a return to normality!

Our youngest daughter was rollerblading round the house, after the post-yomtov clearup, as one does, and fell over, hurting her wrist.  She wasn’t screaming the house down, her wrist wasn’t massively swollen or distorted and she was up and about pretty soon afterwards, so we assumed she had just sprained it.

However,  on Thursday evening,  when it was still painful and slightly swollen, we thought we’d better check it really wasn’t broken.  I took her to our local A & E department, who sent us through to their paediatric section where we met a rather aggressive nurse, who thought I was irresponsible for not having brought her earlier, nor given her painkillers.  I’m sure that had I brought children in every time they fell over, they would have either been fed up with me by now, or reported me to Social Services!  I did point out that I don’t take painkillers either, but that didn’t go down too well. 

All the other staff were delightful and the radiographer let our daughter have a look at the X-rays on screen, which she thought was pretty cool.  The doctor who checked her over said he thought she might have a small fracture, but looking at the pictures he couldn’t see anything.  He said that it wouldn’t matter for a day or two either way, and the X-rays would be checked by a paediatric radiologist, who would call us back if necessary, so we went home relieved it wasn’t broken.

About an hour and a half before Shabbos the paediatric radiologist phoned to say it was broken after all and she needed a cast put on it!

I tried to see whether it could wait till Sunday, or even Saturday night, but she did guilt thing that doctors do  – if it was my daugther, I’d do it now! (Do they teach them that at medical school??)

She was appreciative of the need to rush due to Shabbos and promised us that if we went straight in, we would be seen immediately.  Fortunately, we were going out for lunch, most of the Friday night food was ready and I have an extremely competent set of older children, as well as an in-house orthodox rabbi.  I wrote them a list of what had to be done; we both had quick showers and having left an envelope of money ready for a taxi driver, and taken the minimum of stuff with us, we set off on the Tube,  the quickest way to get there in the rush hour.

The hospital were fantastic – they did indeed call us through almost immediately and a very nice nurse explained what was she was going to do and did it very quickly.  Thursday night’s doctor was on duty again and came in to apologise and say that he still couldn’t see the break, nor could any of his colleagues!

We were  in the hospital for less than forty minutes, finishing a few minutes before issur melacha. Our daughter was not in a fit state to walk home, nor could she go in a taxi by herself. The hospital’s minicab provider had a long wait, so we managed to jump in a black cab just around shekiya and arrive home, bein hashemashos, to find everything set up, candles lit and the children about to lay the table.

Our daughter is managing very well with her cast, which is now covered in signatures and we’re going back to the fracture clinic later in the week for an assessment. Maybe the normality will start soon….


One thought on “Erev Shabbos fun

  1. Claire F says:

    Refuah Shlema!!May you have lots of adventures and not too much normality (too boring) but preferably outside of hospitals and in a healthy state…

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