Guest Post by Shmuel Yosef (aged 6)

This afternoon my sister and my mummy and my baby and me went to Northala Fields. It is on the way to the airport. There were ponds and we took my scooter and a bike. When they rebuilt Wembley Stadium, the rubble was made into mounds. There were lots of fields and grass. We went to the playground, which was a good one, and played for quite a long time. There were swings and a fireman’s pole and there was a toy that had a pole that had two poles going down each side and you put your legs on each side and slid down.  Whilst I was getting in the car, I picked up some stones to bring home. Then we  drove home.


Editor’s note:


The most striking feature of the park is four huge conical mounds which we have driven past many times on the way to Heathrow, but never knew what they were. Some time ago our youngest daughter went to a park with a friend and had a really nice time – she told me that it had circular paths and it was past IKEA, but we couldn’t work out where it was, and the friend didn’t know what the park was called. Last week, she came with me to collect my husband from the airport, and suddenly called out, “That’s where we went!” So now both mysteries are solved.


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