A busy day

I haven’t blogged recently, simply because I’ve been too busy…my husband and I went away for our annual “marriage recharge” without the children (that’s another post), and this is what I did on the day before we went.

6:30 – 8:30am Sent off emails of photos for the week’s paper, made 6 lunches and sent 6 children off to school

8:30 – 10am Breakfast, straightened up kitchen, wrote 2 short articles

10-11am Visited shiva with my husband

11am – 1pm Brent Cross for “negative shopping” (taking back things) and collecting currency for trip, Tesco’s to stock up on food before we go away

1-2pm Lunch

2 – 3pm Bank etc

3 – 4pm Packing

4 – 6:30pm  Collect children, spend time with them, make supper

6:30 onwards – Supper, put children to bed (ha ha!), pack some more, write instructions for childcare

11pm Call from “boss”: “Are you sleeping?”  “No. If you thought I was sleeping, why did you phone??” Write last article, as paper goes to press.

Whole day interspersed with sorting washing, running washing machine, folding and distributing washing…


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