Sukkos menu

Following a meaningful Yom Kippur during which I made to shul not just in the morning, but also for mincha, thanks to a very kind babysitting daughter, we had an amazing “break fast” meal.  We are now down to 3 people in the family who don’t fast – quite a difference from a few years ago. Our youngest daughter was born on Yom Kippur and doesn’t like to have to wait till afterwards for birthday cake.  The last couple of years I have made her a small cake for breakfast, but this year, it was 3 cupcakes, beautifully decorated by her older sister.  We always make the post fast meal into a bit of a birthday party.  This year, a friend brought a guitar and we had a kumsitz after the meal….not necessarily what everyone in her class was doing that night!

The sukkah is up and decorated and all we have to do now is cook for the huge number of guests we are expecting. (Including our family, we are looking at serving over 100 meals at this end of yomtov.)  I haven’t worked out the exact menu yet, but the outline for this week is:

1st night


Chicken (with Coke?)

1st lunch

Mock stuffed cabbage – meatloaf cooked with cabbage and rice in tomato sauce

2nd night

Turkey schnitzels, based on this ( second recipe down)

2nd lunch

Lamb stew with butternut squash and chickpeas, couscous

Shabbos food as normal

Dessertwise, the honeycomb icecream we made for Rosh Hashana was so delicious that we’re doing that again, also a peanut butter and chocolate crunch icecream from last week’s Mishpacha.  There will probably be some apple crumble, brownies and I’m hoping both peanut chews and this more sophisticated Rice Krispie treat.

Looking forward to a great yom tov!






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