Rosh Hashana Menus

Subject to change due to constraints of time!

Dessert gaps to be filled, depending on preferences of  dessert-making team.

We eat simanim for the starter on both nights:

Apples and honey

Dates, pomegranates, (gefilte) fish, fish head, carrots (grated carrot salad), beetroot (grated salad) cabbage (coleslaw), butternut squash kugel.

1st night

Chicken soup

Chicken with honey and apples – something like this

Roast new potatoes

?Peas, ?Broccoli

Apple cake, Chocolate Mousse


1st lunch

?Beef and barley soup

 Braised steak

 Mashed potato

 Sweet and sour red cabbage


2nd night

 Vegetable soup

 Turkey roast – 1 white and 1 dark turkey roll, sliced before yomtov, so that they heat up quickly

 Roast pumpkin and rice salad

 Vibrant green beans

 Potatoes of some sort

 Apple crumble and honeycomb icecream


2nd lunch

Middle-eastern feel – Moroccan carrots, courgette dip, aubergine salad

Loubia (black eyed beans) with lamb

Couscous, salad


Friday night

Gravlax with dill and mustard/honey sauce

Chicken soup

Chicken, potato kugel

Yerushalmi kugel

Red cabbage, green beans in tomato sauce


Shabbos lunch

Egg mayonnaise, cruditees

Cholent, salt beef (turkey if there is any left)


Cake, icecream 


Seuda shelishis

Not a lot of time for this, as there’s the Shabbos shuva drasha in shul, but we’ll probably manage either cake or challah and something

I’ve made honey challohs from Classic Kosher Cooking and brown challoh from Spice and Spirit, flavoured with garlic, herbs and onions.  Hat-tip to Rebbetzin Rabi who demonstrated how to get nice even “sausages” for plaiting or coiling, by rolling dough flat with rolling pin then rolling into sausage.  Also  her attractive tip to slash the sausage about half-way down, before coiling.

Wishing all readers a kesiva v’chasima tova – may you be inscribed for a wonderful, healthy and peaceful year!



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