Gam zeh ya’avor

One of the themes of the yomim noraim is the transitory nature of life.  This really spoke to me today.  We have the decorators in at the moment and although they seem to be doing a good job and are containing the mess, there are still 4 Hungarians in my lounge, smoking outside the front door and playing pop music on their radio.  The downstairs of the house and all the things we left lying around are wrapped up in plastic and there is a large patch of wall missing on the staircase.  I have been consoling myself that the builders are only here for a couple of  weeks. Gam zeh ya’avor – this too shall pass.

Hiding out in the kitchen and enjoying eating brunch with our baby, I realised that this is the last year that we will be able to do this.  Next year, iy”H, he will be in nursery and I will have no children at home during the day.  Last time this happened, when our six year old began nursery, by the time I had got over the excitement of some mornings to myself, I had discovered I was expecting our baby, so although I didn’t actually have a child at home, I wasn’t really on my own.  It’s not very likely the same thing will happen this time, so this is really the last time to revel in baby focussed activities, like having a little cuddle aka nap when we are both tired. Although it will be good to be able to drink a whole cup of  tea by myself and not have to share it with someone, I was quite sad when I realised that when we say “gam zeh ya’avor”,  it’s not only challenges that will pass, but also good times.



One thought on “Gam zeh ya’avor

  1. Claire says:

    a few years from now PG you’ll be a bubbe!! so there will be more babies to have around!!daunting thought but i can tell you that yossi’s grandmas absolutely LOVE the role:)

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