French Food

When people hear that we are spending time up a mountain in France, they often ask, “How do you manage for food?”  Well the answer is “Very well.”  It’s rather like on Pesach – with a more limited range of options, we actually tend to eat better!  There is a big advantage of holidaying in France which is that it is possible to eat the regular bread from the local bakers, having made appropriate enquiries. There is also a list of acceptable supermarket products produced by the Consistoire, which is very helpful.  We are about an hour from a kosher shop, on the French side of Geneva, where we have stocked up on milk, cheese and other kosher goodies.  Apart from that, we brought 3 freezer bags of meat for the barbeque with us and have so far made 3 out of a planned 6 or 7.

This is what else we have been eating:

Breakfast – cereal, bread, fruit, fromage frais, hot chocolate

Lunch – French bread with cheese/tuna/peanut butter etc and plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Our diet is greatly enhanced by the delicious peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums which are in season here at the moment. We have had one hot lunch at home on a rainy day, when I made some vegetable dishes to have with the bread – leek/potatoes/mushrooms cooked together with paprika, baked aubergine slices with tomato puree and herbs and green lentils with tomato.

Supper – when it hasn’t been either a barbie or Shabbos, we have so far had pasta and a meal based on a mix of menus from a new Jamie Oliver cookbook I found here, which enables you to put together a whole meal in 30 minutes.  I made tomato soup with croutons, humus with cruditees, satay sauce, a vegetable curry and rice, which altogether did take a bit longer but was from 3 different menus.  Looking forward to more suggestions from it another time. 



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