Nine Days Menu

Although in theory we don’t eat such a lot of meat during the week, often it’s the only thing that the whole family is happy to eat on a particular evening.  This makes the Nine Days, when we have a meatless menu, a bit of a challenge.  A few years ago I started making a list of vegetarian/fish options, a few days before Rosh Chodesh Av and asking the family to tick the ones they  would like to eat, or add their own suggestions.  This has generally been reasonably successful. The only downside to this is that because we have thought about it before, rather than deciding at the last minute, we often end up eating better during the 9 days than we do the rest of the year, which I am sure defeats the purpose of not having meat!

Anyway this year so far we have had:

Veggie schnitzels with potato wedges, lettuce, crudités and bean salad

Pasta with a choice of  tomato or mushroom sauce

Miso soup with noodles, sashimi, maki and sushi salad (rest of rice from maki with left over vegetables from maki and smoked salmon) prepared by the children

Baked potatoes with toppings: cheese, tuna, baked beans, homemade baked beans, and spicy fishcakes


We are planning to still have:

Salmon with Nando’s lime/coriander marinade (maybe after the fast?)

Probably pasta again

Stirfry – got to do something with the rest of the tofu from the miso soup!

Pizza, probably with crustless broccoli quiche or tuna bake for non-wheat eaters


There are of course other “advantages” to a milky only menu eg we don’t have to change the tablecloth, we can eat milky chocolate all the time.  The downside is that I am constantly loading and unloading the milky dishwasher!






4 thoughts on “Nine Days Menu

  1. I love that you give your kids options to choose from. That’s such a great idea. My mouth is watering from your menu. You *do* eat well during the Nine Days! Well, you’ll be ready when they are days of celebration (hopefully soon!).

  2. Claire says:

    One of our highlights this year was crepes with different fillings (tomato/veg sauce), pesto, cheese, creamy spinach, sweet one for desert. Your kids (and husband) liked them when I cooked those years ago while you were away – maybe your kids could make them next year (though PG there’ll be no days of mourning next year – a week of meat fest instead!)

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