Little things

It’s been quite a long time since I blogged and it’s been very busy here.  Weddings, sheva brachos, trips abroad for various members of the family, guests, etc – the usual.  Amid all the fun and chaos, a couple of things have stood out, and one point in particular.  Very often we get caught up in the excitement of big events and overlook small, but meaningful things from which we can benefit.

An illustration:

My husband had an evening speaking engagement in Bournemouth, so we decided that we would take advantage of the opportunity to have a day out together on the coast without the children.  I found a couple of interesting looking walks, packed a picnic and we set off in beautiful sunshine.  However, when we got to the New Forest, which seemed like a good place for an outing, the sky clouded over, we couldn’t find the car park to begin the walk and as we got out of the car in a random place, it started to rain.  We drove on, after some detours round the forest, to the next potential location, which once again, we couldn’t find. When we did find it – it was pouring, so we ate our picnic in the car.  After that it brightened up and we had a lovely walk next to and on the beach.

Then we made our way to Bournemouth and my husband very kindly agreed to visit a museum with me, even though it’s not really his sort of thing.  It was quite interesting, and kept us out of the rain!  His speech later on was very well received and we arrived home safely before midnight to find the children and house intact.   Overall the day did not go exactly as we had planned – the lack of signage in the New Forest and the poor weather were very frustrating, but we still had a good time.  Why?  Because we were able to spend the day together, with minimal interruptions, enjoying each other’s company in a more relaxed setting than usual. We didn’t do anything very exciting, but we made the most of what was available and had a really good day.

This was a good example of getting pleasure from “small” things – spending time with someone you love, a walk on the beach, a drive through a forest.  Or at home – an attractive Shabbos table, with flowers and matching serviettes, a freshly bathed baby…

More thoughts on this to follow – with how it relates to nachas from children…








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