Mega nachas

Shavuos was great, but tiring. When we got up on Friday morning, although I expected to spend the day cooking for Shabbos, I can’t honestly say I was looking forward to it. So I was delighted when our children suggested that they would make Shabbos!  The middle 5 children took my menu, divided it up between them and made a whole wonderful Shabbos!  I am so proud!!


This is what we ate:

Friday night:

Sashimi (made by my husband)

Chicken soup

Chicken with coke, stuffed peppers for the veggies, potato kugel, kasha with green beans, peas, red cabbage (left from yom tov)

Chocolate banana challah kugel (I made this)   Mint choc chip icecream (and this, for yom tov)


Shabbos day:

Chopped liver/egg

Cholent, roast turkey, chicken, marinated salad (I made this), green salad

Chocolate cake, icecream


Seuda shelishis:

Various fishy things and homemade pizza

Everything the kids made was delicious, and they even cleared up the kitchen after themselves, so that I could trash it again, making a last minute batch of whole wheat challah.

Apart from the fact they are great cooks, I am so proud that our children are caring enough to give me a break, resourceful enough to occupy themselves usefully for a day and organised enough to plan who was cooking what when, so that everything was ready at the right time.  






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