The cutest thing

The cutest thing that happened this week:  Our five year old son telling me, “You look like you had a good sleep!”  on Shabbos afternoon, and then, when I giggled, justifying himself, “You always say it to me, so I thought it was the right thing to say!”

The most heartwarming thing I saw this week:  A middle-aged lady, who is a mother and grandmother many times over, ka”h, enthusiastically giving her adult daughter, herself the mother of a large family, a  goodbye hug at a simcha, even though they live near to each other and undoubtedly see each other almost every day.

The most upsetting thing I saw this week:  A crowd of people, all of whom were shomrei Torah and mitzvos, denigrating a talmid chacham by talking all the way through his speech at a wedding.

The most exciting thing that happened this week:  our baby is finally saying some recognisable words, just short of his second birthday.  He now has a vocabulary of about 10 or 12 words, but is very shy to use them, except when I wanted to bath him on Sunday morning, and he shouted “NO!”

The most potentially stressful thing happening this week:  two children doing year 6 SATs and one doing GCSEs.  Fortunately they are all pretty calm about it.  I’ve worked out that the next time this will happen, we could potentially have one child doing SATs, 2 doing some early GCSEs and one doing AS levels – can’t wait!

The most creative meal we are likely to have this week:  we are trying out beer chicken on the barbeque tonight.  It’s supposed to be delicious, but I’m doing it for fun rather than for the taste – how could you resist standing a chicken on a half full can of beer and sticking it on the barbie?



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