What a week!

What a week – just as everyone was recovering from the Royal Wedding and  settling in to enjoy a last bank holiday before re-entering the real world, the USA finally get their man.  As someone tweeted, “If anyone has any bad news to publish, do it today – oh no, you already did it on Friday!”

The children and I all watched the wedding at my mother’s.  None of us were so bothered about the actual wedding, but we all enjoyed looking at the outfits, soldiers, crowds etc, depending on age and gender.  Our baby particularly liked the horses, and kept waving back to all those nice people who were waving to him.  It was very noticeable that just as money can’t buy you love, it also can’t buy you good taste!  

We thought the Queen looked stunning.  We were touched at how she let her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh get in the carriage in front of her, until we realised cynically, how much it tipped when he got in and how much more stable it would be for her if she entered second! 

One of the most touching moments for me was when the Queen climbed down from her carriage at Buckingham Palace, with a big smile, having driven through the cheering crowds, and announced, “It’s amazing!” 

To have two of the biggest news stories of the year, or in bin Laden’s case, the decade, break within a few days of each other, has sent the media into a complete frenzy.  I wonder what they are going to do next week – the referendum on AV is taking place tomorrow, but even if it gets through, which only seems likely to happen by default if the “no” voters don’t actually get out and vote,  it’s hardly exciting in the same way…

To add to the fun in our house, just when we thought Tuesday meant a return to school and routine, the girls’ high school’s new building isn’t finished yet, so the joke that we were making last week, that we would get a text on Monday to say “no school this week” actually happened for one daughter, and our exam-taking daughter is having lessons in people’s houses. One kid is already off sick and tomorrow, one of the primary schools is being used as a polling station, so they are off school too!  Maybe next week will be normal!



2 thoughts on “What a week!

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