Menu for last days

Here is the current menu for the last two days of yom tov.  Subject to change if we run out of time!


7th night

Onion soup with knaidlach

Thai green chicken, Roast potatoes, Stirfried vegetables: cabbage, onions, courgettes, peppers, carrots with ginger and garlic

Rocky chocky icecream, apple cake/kugel


7th lunch

Grapefruit and orange

Pot roast with vegetables, Carrot kugel, Leeks, potatoes and mushrooms  cooked with paprika, Something with sweet potatoes, Green salad

Icecream, chocolate chip bars

8th night

Gefilte fish, dips

Herbed schnitzels, boiled potatoes with fried onions, courgettes in tomato sauce

Poached pears, icecream, orange and almond cake


8th lunch

Chicken soup with knaidlach

Braised steak, mashed potato, sweet and sour red cabbage, salad

Chocolate mousse cake (one of those ones where you bake half the mixture, put the rest on top and freeze it)




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