Pesach Menus

Here’s what we will be eating over this end of yomtov:

1st seder:

By the time we get to the meal, it’s quite late and people have eaten matza and several lettuce leaves already, so I never make anything fancy.

Eggs in saltwater

Chicken soup with knaidlach

Chicken ( haven’t yet decided what to put on it, maybe honey, maybe garlic and herbs), Potato Kugel, Spiced butternut squash and apple puree, Courgettes in tomato sauce

Vanilla icecream and apple compote


1st  lunch:

Matza with dips – sechug, homemade mayonnaise, pesto, pickles

Some kind of fruity starter – melon, orange, maybe grapefruit

Lamb stew with knaidlach, Vegetable kugel, Salad – ? tomatoes, cucumbers, endive

Rocky chocky icecream (it’s sort of cookie dough with fudge sauce frozen into it) and chocolate cake


2nd seder

Eggs, soup

Turkey Roast, Hungarian Paprika Potatoes, Sweet and sour red cabbage

Hazelnut icecream and sponge cake


2nd lunch

Chicken and vegetable soup

Brisket with tzimmes, Mashed potato, Salad – we’ll have to do something with the left over lettuce!

Orange and almond cake and Rocky Road icecream


6 thoughts on “Pesach Menus

  1. Mrs Belogski says:

    My daughters made it – they sauteed cubed lamb with onions, then added carrots, leeks, potatoes, water and seasonings – pepper, garlic, paprika and oregano.  We cooked it for a long time and it was delicious!

  2. gabyshaw84 says:

    <html> <head> <style><!– .hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Tahoma } –></style> </head> <body class=’hmmessage’> thanks! i will try it. great site too. moed tov xx<br><br></body></html>

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