Who is Mrs Belogski and why does she look like a pomegranate?

When my husband began blogging some years ago, he was looking for a catchy name for his blog, and our second daughter came up with the name Belogski, which is a combination of our surname and “blog”.  So, when I began blogging a while later, it was obvious to call my blog Mrs Belogski.

Why the pomegranate?  I’m not comfortable with putting my picture up on the web, for a whole range of reasons.  The pomegranate symbolises many things (in no particular order): 

It’s symbol of Torah and mitzvos – it was on the Kohen Gadol’s robe and now it’s often used to crown a sefer Torah; we eat it on Rosh Hashanah to express our hope that we should be full of mitzvos.

It’s a symbol of fertility – we have been very blessed with our beautiful children.

Although we live in chutz la’aretz, we try to instil a love of Eretz Yisrael into our children.  Whenever we visit, I take photos of the shivas haminim  – the seven fruits for which EY is praised, to show the children how beautiful they are, growing in the land.  This pomegranate was growing in Bustan Abu Ghosh, near Jerusalem.  It’s an outdoor wedding hall, set in orchards where we saw several of the minim growing near each other.  The place is beautiful and I was very taken with the idea of being able to walk around through the trees bearing olives or pomegranates and the grapevines.  



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