Thoughts on Spring

Spring is definitely in the air here.  The clocks have changed, the weather is bright and   there was really fresh, attractive, irresistible  rhubarb in the greengrocer on Friday.  I cooked it for dessert on Friday night and the childrens’ comments ranged from “Where are the strawberries?”  (we often cook them together), through “Is it Pesach yet?”  to “Look – it’s leeks with red food colouring!”

Other signs:  trampoline season is now open; I dried the washing on the washing line and my husband said, “I can see it’s spring – I’ve got 3 stone-settings to do this week!”

And the classic sign of spring in N W London, the first children have come round asking for sponsorship for the Hospital Kosher Meals Walk.  This is a rite of passage in which hundreds of children walk about 25km alongside the Grand Union Canal on a Sunday in May, having previously walked twice as far collecting 50p each from all of their neighbours!

Great mystery of life:  How can it be that my washing basket is overflowing, the clean washing has taken over the utility room, when I give the kids back their clothes they have no space to put them and still no-one has anything to wear??

Usual range of eclectic guest for Shabbos – very nice and laid back.  Just as well as this Shabbos, we are hosting a Mexican Friday night for the community’s youth and a melave malke for the UJC student chaplains!  No lunch though as almost everyone is having lunch out with the chaplains.



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