Preparations for Purim are going really well.  The difference between now, when most of the children are able to decide on their own costume and activate it, purchase and pack their own mishloach manos, (leaving me only to pay for it all!)  and a few years ago when I had to do most of it, is huge.

As of last night, the kids’ mishloach manos are packed and labelled, and the costumes are ready with accessories, for a quick change after Shabbos.  We have to assemble a pile of megillos, so we can grab those and go, write out a list of recipients in route order for Sunday morning  and we are done!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I haven’t cooked anything for my mishloach manos or for the seuda, but I am confident that iy”H, that will happen before Shabbos.  Oh, and we have 12 women coming for dinner tonight and I haven’t cooked that yet either!

Shabbos menu:

Moroccan Shabbat fish


Chicken soup  ( of course!)

Chicken with coke – pour equal quantities of apricot jam, ketchup and coke, half as much soy sauce over the chicken and bake

Roasted quinoa with orange and nuts  and a couple of other side dishes, as yet undecided

Vanilla icecream and something chocolaty – with all those women, what else?


Shabbos day we have no guests.  We’re trying out  Hamine eggs  as a starter with cholent with meatloaf in it  from Claudia Roden’s book  and these blondies for dessert.

For Purim we have: 3 pirates, 2 penguins, Pharaoh, a punk, Twister and an Indian lady.  Mostly recycled costumes, with a bit of help from ebay.

Moroccan themed seudah:

Fancy bread and dips

Chicken soup and kreplach ( not Moroccan but a Purim staple)

Chicken with olives and some with honey and spices for those who don’t like olives

Vegetable couscous, couscous grain and salads

Not sure about dessert yet – I usually just make icecream and put out things we received in mishloach manos, because by that time people are either too drunk or too full to care.

Wishing everyone  a Good Shabbos and Purim Sameach.  




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