Time out

I adore my children – I love spending time with them, and it’s amazing watching them grow into interesting independent people.


Having said that, it’s also good to spend a bit of time away from them.  On Wednesday I was really excited – on Thursday I was due to attend a business lunch for a communal organisation.  I said to the kids – it’s going to be great – I get to eat lunch with no-one sitting on my lap and no-one drinking my drink or pouring their drink on me!  The kids chipped in with some other scenarios which wouldn’t happen and… we were all right!


The lunch was lovely (expertly organised by our favourite events organisers) – no-one sat on my lap, which was just as well as 80% of the people there were men, no-one ate off my plate and no-one poured their drink on me.  Good food, interesting people to talk to and a couple of hours to recharge my Mummy batteries.


In fact I was spoilt this week, because I managed to sneak out on Monday evening to a wine tasting and on Wednesday to an event to mark the 10th anniversary of the London student chaplain.  It’s very interesting how refreshing 20 minutes on the train by yourself can be – I read the Evening Standard, which was not very interesting, and my new book – Just My Type – which is a very engaging history of fonts: not nearly as geeky as it sounds!


Now getting ready for Shabbos with friends and working out how to fit 6 extra people into a house which only has 4 spare beds, only two of which are in an empty room!




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