Shabbos, Shabbos, yom menucha

A lovely mellow Shabbos.  One guest on Friday night, and only a few people for lunch on Shabbos.  

 This is what we ate:

 Challoh – shop bought and the rest of last week’s home made ( from Classic Kosher Cookbook)

 Marinated ribs, roast garlic

 Chicken soup ( of course!)

 Chicken with paprika, potato kugel, roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, sweet and sour cabbage, green beans in tomato sauce

 Jam sponge and mint choc chip icecream



Shabbos morning, we went to shul in the rain, to greet a delegation from the local Methodist church who seemed to enjoy the service, following in the siddurim and talking much less than some of the regulars!



 Chopped liver, egg mayonnaise and pickles

 Cholent, Salami – not the one I wrote about because it was really expensive!- and roast turkey leg.   Green salad, cucumber salad and broccoli crunch salad.

 Brownies, peanut bars and ice cream: mcc and mango


 I managed to fit in both a short walk to take one of our daughters to “group” and a short nap in bed, while listening to my daughters singing in the lounge, which was beautiful – not so much the singing ( although that was nice) but the fact that they were enjoying spending time together.


Saw a lovely description of a Shabbos table in an article by a non-Jewish journalist:  both an intoxicatingly joyous family occasion and a profoundly religious one.  What a great kiddush Hashem!  Also very inspired by the article about the “Travelling Chassidim” in this week’s Mishpacha, in which they describe how they sing and dance at home with their children, as well as out on the road for kiruv activities, because otherwise they feel that they are not being honest. 


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