Now that I have transported my old posts from my previous blog, I can really start blogging properly here.


A brief  family update:  observant readers might have noticed that we were blessed with another baby – No 7 ( boy number 3) came, 3 weeks early, on our oldest daughter’s 14th birthday.  He is now about 20 months and delightful.  The other six children are all in school – No 1 is coming up to GCSEs and making choices for the sixth form, our twins are completing primary school this year and moving on to secondary schools in the autumn.  My husband has just returned from a 3 month sabbatical, about 2/3 of which he spent in Israel. 


I think I want this blog to be a composite – vignettes of family life, occasional recipes/menu plans and  my thoughts on parenting a reasonable size family which is made more interesting by the fact that I am an only child and so have no idea about normal or acceptable sibling behaviour!


Highlights of today  – interviewing a chassidishe salami manufacturer.  He made his products sound so good – great hygiene, good kashrus, not too many poisonous ingredients – that I think I’ll try some for Shabbos.

                                 – for a special birthday a few years ago, my husband organised a family portrait photo.  It’s lovely, but out of date and missing our baby.  So a couple of weeks ago, we went to our dear friend the photographer for another sitting.  She had been promising us a new picture since the baby was born and this morning, to our great surprise, a huge package arrived containing a framed family portrait!  (We had assumed that she would show us the pictures and we would choose).  It’s gorgeous – she’s a great photographer and it’s already hanging in our dining room.




2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Claudine says:

    i just came across your blog because i was reading Chaya Houpt’s blog, who was a friend of mine (still is) while she was living in Passaic before moving to Yerushalayim – i saw that you’d commented on one of her posts and wondered if Mrs Belogski might be you! And it is! I enjoyed reading your posts so far – I’ve always admired your quiet efficiency – I’ve thought about you many times since becoming a parent almost six years ago.. I remembered how you just showed up with food when Naftali Dovid was born without the whole "who’s-organizing-your-meals-for-you stuff" and how you came again with the kids to say shema over the baby before his bris (that was new to me at the time). I admire the way taht you have such an eclectic mix of literature on your shelves and agree with your shita of exposing your children to the best and kosher aspects of secular culture and not denying them in an attempt to be more ‘frum’…I just wanted to tell you because that’s why I’m interested to read what you have to share on your site.. claud

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