Winter Holidays

It’s a bit late, but this is what we did in the winter holidays:

Visited Kew Gardens in the fog.  We have a season ticket, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t see a lot of the gardens. It was amazing – very atmospheric. We went into the Snow Dome, which sprayed foam everywhere to simulate a snow storm (that’s often the closest we get in London) and in the indoor play centre Climbers and Creepers, which was a lot of fun, even for the bigger children. Check out the giant millipedes.

Walked with my husband in Golders Hill Park where I discovered the Hill Garden and pergola for the first time, even though I have been visiting the park since I was a small child and we have lived within walking distance for nearly 5 years! It was so good that I went back the following week with our toddler, who was fascinated to see some birds having a bath in the pond.

Had a family outing to the South Bank, to see the Globe Theatre which was really interesting. We strolled over to the Tate Modern to eat lunch on the benches outside and see this year’s Unilever installation Shibboleth. We reckoned that it was worth looking at if you are nearby, but not worth going specially, unlike last year, when we had a thrilling time on the slides.

Last cultural outing – to the First Emperor exhibition at the British Museum, which was amazing, although not so good for younger children. It has been so popular that they are opening late in the evening to accommodate all the people who would like to see some of the Terracotta Army.

I stayed up late on New Year’s Eve to watch the fireworks out of the loft window. Yes they are a terrible waste of money and inconsiderate as well, but since they are there, I might as well enjoy them!



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