I Can List

I found this on A Mother in Israel   and tracked it back to Aidel Maidel 

Here’s my list:

I can type without looking at the keys
I can speak reasonable French and make myself understood in Hebrew and Yiddish
I can cook a four course meal for 90 people.
I can multitask
I can play the piano and French horn
I can recognise a reasonable amount of classical music
I can run a fun and inspirational Shabbos table for my children and guests in the absence of my husband
I can write news articles, feature articles and opinion pieces
I can précis an article of 2000 words+ down to 900 words
I can use the Internet to find out almost anything
I can travel with 6 children and a buggy on the London Underground and get everyone there and back in one piece
I can remember the names of loads of people in my husband’s shul
I can make all sorts of different people feel welcome in our house
I can sew buttons on and do basic mending
I can get all my children into bed eventually
I can ensure that everyone has a clean set of clothes and at least one hot meal every day
I can French plait my own and other people’s hair
I can comb for lice
I can put a double duvet into its cover
I can shuffle cards
I can ride a bike
I can drive a manual car (that’s stick shift to you!)
I can post onto a blog
I can sing niggunim from a range of Chassidic courts
I can get my kitchen from disaster area to not too embarrassing in less than 10 minutes
I can remember to greet my husband with a smile
I can hug my children and ask them how their day was
I can tie scarves in lots of different styles
I can have enough self confidence to go out wearing the scarves
I can imbue my children with a positive self image
I can dance at weddings, even in the inner fast circle, and be mesameach the kallah
I can work to deadlines
I can reach the ninth level of Collapse 2
I can do a week’s supermarket shop in less than an hour
I can get more food into the trolley than I thought possible
I can bake great brownies
I can teach my children to bake so that they can now make all the desserts for Shabbos
I can express myself forcefully and clearly without being aggressive.



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